Jeremiah's Boxes

Jeremiah's Boxes was started in memory of Jeremiah Calderon. Our sole purpose is to provide memory boxes to grieving families after the loss of a child. Our hope is they find comfort in knowing that this is not a journey they are walking alone.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Getting Close and a Huge Thank You

So Jeremiah's Angel day is 12 days away. I will be taking the boxes to be donated on Monday July 11th. His birthday is July 13th. I am very excited but also sad-I miss Jeremiah so much. It is hard to believe that it has been a year already. I hope he is happy that in his memory people are being helped. Here are some updates:

The PICU boxes are done. They do not have as many items in them as the Labor and Delivery/ NICU boxes but thought they would bring just as much comfort.

Each box has a journal, a wind chime, a Laken Bear, a heart tile, tissues, a candle, Forget me not seeds, and a memory butterfly.

Deanna, River's wonderful mommy sent me 4 amazing blankets to add to the boxes. Thank you Deanna. She also sent me Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope post cards to include in the boxes.She is the postcard coordinator. You can click the link to order your own for your boxes.

Thank you Deanna!!

Here are two pictures of both a boy box and a girl box. They are almost done they are missing the footdie cast and others are missing a hospital outfit or camera.

I am still waiting for a couple of very generous mommies to send me the items that are missing or that they wanted to include. I will make sure to post pictures when they are completely done. I will also updated the sponsor page sometime this week.



  1. Oh, I am so glad the package made it to you, safe and sound! I am honored to be part of Jeremiah's project :) Hugs to you, you're amazing!

  2. So beautiful and so thoughtful. What a great project to honor Jeremiah.

  3. So beautiful! I am so proud and honored to know you, Raquel! I can only imagine how proud of you Jeremiah is! Bless you! Only an angel baby can have an angel for a mommy!
    Love <3,