Jeremiah's Boxes

Jeremiah's Boxes was started in memory of Jeremiah Calderon. Our sole purpose is to provide memory boxes to grieving families after the loss of a child. Our hope is they find comfort in knowing that this is not a journey they are walking alone.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jeremiah's Boxes

If you hopped over from Hopping to a New Normal welcome! If you just happened to find yourself here...welcome. Thank you for coming over to my new blog.

Many of you know, my Jeremiah's Boxes project is in memory of my sleeping son Jeremiah born on July 13, 2010. In his memory I have been working on helping other families deal with the loss of their baby. When I first thought about making the boxes it was going to be a once a year project in memory of Jeremiah on his birthday. As the project has taken off, I have decided to make it a non- for profit organization that will supply boxes to several hospitals in the Tampa area through out the year. 

Please take a look around. I will be updating this page when new developments have happen in the creation of the next set of boxes. Thirteen boxes were donated in March of 2011 and I am currently working on a 20 box donation to the labor and delivery floors, NICU, and PICU's in the area. 

If you would like to donate any items or money in memory of your little one, please do so. There is a donate button on the left hand side of the toolbar. I can also receive items through the mail. One of the things I have been told by the people who work with the families receiving the boxes is that they like to know they are not alone. Any amount helps! Thank you so much. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me

Thank you! Hugs to all!!!